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MP3 Players Review

ipod ipod - The market for portable MP3 players has grown dramtically in the last year as manufacturers release newer and more feature rich models in the quest to catch up with front runner ipod. The Apple ipod is the undisputed heavyweight right now but the battle is only just heating up.
ipod microsoft zune - With the ever growing popularity of the ipod, Microsoft wanted in on the action releasing their own line of mp3 players and portable media devices.
rio - The new Rio Carbon might very well be an ipod killer. Rio players have superb sound quality and forward thinking features such as ethernet ports on some models.
creative nomad - Creative's mp3 players continue to lead the way in storage capacity as well as usability functions for the advanced users. Features such as the ability to drag and drop files to the player like a portable hard drive get a two thumbs up.
iriver - Iriver produces perhaps the most advanced portable mp3 players on the market today.
sandisk - Sandisk makes the budget sansa-clip mp3 player known for it's user friendly interface design and great sound quality.
rca lyra - The affordable Lyra series from RCA makes a good entry level player for teens. Features like sd/mmc slots add versatility to the players.
sony walkman - Sony mp3 players are in a class by themselves. Most models use the MiniDisc as their memory which may be a good alternative for active people over more fragile hard drive systems.
mpio - Popular in Europe and Asia, the Digitalway MPIO players are a great choice for active people. These players sport a necklace design perfect for people on the go.
archos - Archos leads the way in portable entertainment. Their line of digital media viewers were the first of their kind on the market allowing users to view video wherever they go.

Buy An Mp3 Player

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What type of MP3 player should I choose?

  • Flash - if you're gonna take it running
  • Hard Drive - if you have a lot of music
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